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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloweeeeeeen, boooooo, woooooo, eeeeeeek.

Preliminary thoughts:
On a FRIDAY? WHY? Who has time to put together a worthwhile costume after working all week? Why can't we just make it a paid holiday? It's the last holiday of the year that doesn't make 87% of people want to kill themselves, so it should be paid. So should the day after it.

I've already said too much on this subject this week. I want to try this one candy called Valomilk. You should google that.

Watermelon brains:
There are two easily googled watermelon brain recipes on our friend, the WWW.




Robin P said...

Nom-ulus: your post needs a comment to start the party. That is the primary reason I am posting this one.

Make Halloween a national holiday? Hmmmmm. Do we really need another national holiday? Nah.

I mean, my birthday is on Valentine's day, and that ain't no national holiday (but it should be, because I was born on that day :)

Instead, both are social holidays of one sort or another. One celebrates our morbid interest in the dark side, and the other celebrates romantic love. I will let you figure out which is which.

Valomilk, you say? If Blogger allowed commenters to post images in their comments, I was going to put a big, gooey Valomilk cup on your pages. (Boo, hiss to Blogger, which I beginning to realize, I don't like very much as a blogging platform).

So, instead, I will link to a big, gooey Valomilk cup here:


But I think Blogger also 'deactivates' links (probably for PC security reasons, I.E. no active links to malware-ladened Websites, such as many porn and video game sites are) So mouse over the provided links in this comment, paste them in an empty page's address bar, then enjoy them as God intended them to be enjoyed.

Here is the entire Google image search 4 yer delectation and dietary dereliction of duty:


And if you want 24 Valomilk double cups of mallowy goo for about $40 some dollars (they insist on shipping by quick methods), go here to BestBuyCandy.com:


I also have proof (not really) that a female tech journalist has been stealing my ideas FROM THIS BlOG! Go here:


via the browser-URL-paste method, and notice one of her sub-paragraph topic headings.

It is Live to Eat, or Eat to Live?!!!. On the Nom-ster's blog right here, scroll down to 'Older Posts', click on it, scroll down to the blog entry 'Good Free Food, Bad Free Food', then click on its comments. Read my comment, the last one. What was I writing about? Live to Eat, or Eat to Live!!!. Proof positive! (that our notions crossed somewhere in cyberspace).

Ms. Laura Blackwell, the PC World tech journalist, is telling us about a Website and its associated software that she (apparently) likes called Living Cookbook 2008. Its 'recipe links' page is here:


But the software is $35. It seems to have some useful features to it, such as helping you figure out the nutritional value of food you make at home, but the price is too high, IMO. You can try it for 30 days for free, but I don't think I will. There are probably similar sites on the Web that let you do the same thing, but those sites may be "free".

Nothing on the Web is "free". First of all your PC was at least $500. It was full of ads in the form of trial software, or adware. Then, most "free" sites are full of annoying banner ads, or worse.

But, the Living Cookbook 2008 recipe links page is free and doesn't seem to have a lot of ads on it, so far. And they supply a ton of links to other food sites, too. See what you think.

In my next comment post on this blog, I will provide a link to a photo showing that a miracle occurred at my "crib" this PM. The link will show that on the surface of the 3-pound tub of Smart Balance 'healthy' margarine I opened had a face embossed on it. Is it a picture of Jesus???!!! You be the judge!

And Nom-burg, if you diss my choice of solid grease, I'll (shakes fist), I'll be mad at you! ;-(

Anonymous said...

I know: Blogger sucks hrrrrrd, yo.

I can't respond properly to the positive FLOOD of valomilk links (we are on the way to the A B Sleeze to secure beverages) but I checked the first one, and am unable to express properly my delight with it. I shall peruse more completely at my earliest opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Aha, Robin is an aquarian!

Anonymous said...

An aquarium, huh? Well, that explains everything!

Robin P said...

Nom-inal: newsflash, dearie bee: YOU and YOU ALONE are the secret to a successful blog. You can't abandon your blog for days on end and expect others here to carry the ball for you. Don't give me a lot of lame excuses.

If you don't give a sh!t about your own blog, how do you expect others to do so? You have writing talent and an abiding interest in food. The ingredients are here, but the pot will never boil if you don't turn up the heat. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will try our VALOMILK Candy Cups.

Russ Sifers