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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Parsnip pie

You can make pie from parsnips; they are naturally sweet. You ought to peel them first and then probably roast them. I cooked mine in milk and then this second time I steamed them. I think roasting would be better than either of those methods. Per 2008 or 9's edict, you don't want to season the pie like pumpkin pie, but the citrus I attempted (lemon zest) wasn't an entire success, either. I used lemon zest and nutmeg. Next I'll try cooking some orange zest with sugar to kind of carmelize it. Hell, maybe I'll bust off and use molasses. It needs a greater, more wintery depth, the parsnip pie. I'll try this and maybe I'll post again in, like, 2016 or so, once I've forgotten that I ever in my life made a parsnip pie. Who knew I made a carrot pie? What a wack idea! Since 2009 I've learned to make piecrust the PBS way. I like it because I like to freeze some vodka and then pour it into some flour. It feels like the kind of thing you might do on the space shuttle. I mean, if the space shuttle were a future thing of now, not a retro Jetsons future thing of the past, like this blaaaag. O, how starving I am at this moment... 12:52 1/2/13... how I wish I had a lovely slice of parsnip pie with vodka crust all deliciously seasoned with molassesmarmeladed orange zest...

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