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Friday, October 10, 2008

Pineapple Fro-YO passes the test!

You don't need no banana! Pineapple Fro-YO is not too sour, it's delicious!

This morning I cut up:
One red pepper
One green pepper
One tomato
Two two-inch cubes of dried out parmesan I found kicking around the fridge (small dice)
I put all this in a plastic container and threw pesto on top of it.

Here is what you need to make pesto:

$10 bag of fresh basil from the Fruit Viking
1/3 of a $10 bag of pecans from the Lady With The Short Fingers
two or three cloves of garlic. Sometimes The Greek has garlic, sometimes not. Random people have garlic at random times.
A $5 hunk of parmesan from the snobby cheese shop or a $2 hunk of lesser quality romano from That One Store

Wash the basil, spin it in a spinner, sit down in front of the thrilling and terrifying TV news and pick the leaves off the stems. Save the stems. Freeze them in your soupstock ziplock.

Grind everything up in the food processor, adding olive oil to taste. Get that one kind of Cali olive oil. B-something, I think. Barrini or something, whatever, it's good.

You'll get a hoarkload of pesto. Eat several spoonfuls right away. Then freeze half, fridge half. Or freeze half, fridge 1/4, give 1/4 away.

Okay, so $10 on leaves and $3+ on nuts seems like a whole lot of money, but the fact is, a tomato, a red pepper, and a green pepper cost about $2 and that plus a dollar's worth of pesto equals more than enough food to last me the entire day. And it is goooooohoohoooooooooood. It's so good you won't even care that Obama is laughing at you because your 401K is a 101K. Ha ha-mmmmmmmm! That's what you'll say.

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