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*This is a lie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


They sure do rule. If you're ever in some crapvortex of a store and everyone around you is buying, like, pizza-flavored Combos and Little Debbies, look for the nuts and see if you can find something other than peanuts, namely pistachios. The peanuts tend to suck and be boiled in gnarly oil or else dry-roasted to a powder, but they can't seem to mess up a pistachio.


Robin P said...

Pistachios are tasty indeed, yes.

Also look for the 3-packs of Ferrero Rocher foil-covered hazelnut chocolate balls as impulse buys in the Wally's World (= Wal-Mart) checkout lines. They are a bit pricey and DO have vanillin in them, but, them boys is tasty. Which see, for ID purposes: http://www.sugarstand.com/sc/sc0050-ferrero-rocher.htm

You have not quite atoned for all your sins, Om-nomerous. I have also posted to you at your Today's Post as well. Please pay attention to your own blog! Welcome back.

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I know nothing about it. I just saw the link. It looks ad-ladened and bright, but may be worth a view or two. Thank me later.

corky said...

How do you feel about those smokey house almonds? Do you have feelings about almonds?

Nom, nom, nom! said...

Yes, corky. Yes. I have intense feelings about almonds.

Ferrero Rocher are as unimpressive as anything else on WalMart's Ozark-influenced, insipid bill of fare. Look, I'm quite fond of Arkansas, and I don't want to pan it completely, some good things do come from there, but let's face it: they're not known for their wise food choices (Bill Clinton? heart failure secondary to McDonald's addiction?), and it's not like the shelter mags are sending their photo crews up into the hills to take notes on how to live the good life. This state is a tourist destination for two reasons: high-test corn squeezins and opportunities to urinate al fresco. Just because Sam Walton understood the concept, "feed the masses, eat with the classes" better than anyone in history, we're gonna let hillbillies determine our national diet? Think about it: the university that thinks "Woooooooo, PIG! SUEY!" is a good football cheer is turning out culinary savants?

I would advise avoiding Ferrero Rocher absolutely, except! It is possible to eat them in a very amusing way: you carefully bite off the chocolate shell part. It usually comes apart at the seam and you're left with a perfect wafer ball. Then you carefully halve the wafer ball with your teeth, like a woodchuck would do, I imagine. Then you lick out the gooey innards. Then you eat the cardboardey wafer. None of the components of this unique round taste disappointment are really worth eating, but that's okay because dissecting the things is way fun. Wheee!

Booga said...

Omg I've totally done that with those geraldine ferraro choco balls, totally!

Robin P said...

Oh, BS Nom! You just wanted to diss me. The Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate balls (FRHCs) are a bit waxy, but you ain't that discriminating about your chocolate and nuts.

Nah, I don't believe it. You said yourself you ate a bunch of free 'melamine chocolate' at your seafood-tasting gig. Why? It was free, you like to binge on crap chocolate and you are nervous in social settings.

The FRHCs aren't free, but they are better than your squirrel-food chocolate by a few magnitudes. And all that stuff has vanillin in it, not real vanilla extract. Look on the labels next time.

Not buying what you are selling here, dearie bee.

Nom, nom, nom! said...

Woooooo000OOOO000oooooooooo, PIG! SUEY!

Hershey's kisses rule!

Ferrari roaches drool!

Woooooo000OOOO000oooooooooo, PIG! SUEY!

Them lil balls is some frippered up bullshit and no mistake. If I'm eating downmarket, I want honest, good bad food, not no lyin', bad good food. You done been taken in, son. Take conrol of your brain back from zombie Sam Walton... before it's too late!