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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ort report

The first, best tenet of the religion of not starving is not to throw calories away. Eat them or freeze them. Meat scraps left on your plate when you're done with your steak can go in the stock bag. Peels and any oddities you cut off your vegetables as you prepare them for ingestion can go in the stock bag. Everything goes in the stock bag. When the stock bag fills up, make stock and make soup with the stock. Eat the soup. Begin again.

I got some books on freezing at a garage sale for 5 cents each. They show you how to wrap things and stuff and tell you handy tips like for instance, "don't freeze lettuce." Some absolutely fascinating recipes for desserts, since these came out in the 50s. While I can still afford to shop, I should experiment with these desserts and report. Okay: that's what I'll do!

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Robin P said...

Ah, soup stock! The bliss of the European kitchen! Simmering on the stove for hours at a time! Making the whole kitchen smell lovely and lived-in! Giving nourishment for days on end! Screeeeech! (soundtrack features the ripping and tearing noises associated with the phono needle being dragged across a record by a 4-year old). Whew! I just woke up from a dream about someone making me soup!

Actually, I have four words for this blog: sour cream and coffee.

Not together, although regular cream in coffee is delicious. (to put in too much, however)

Sour cream makes almost anything better! Try spreading it on some toast, then putting jam or jelly on top, especially a more acidic fruit such as strawberry preserves.

And as for coffee, I make a version of it I call single-pour coffee. I'll explain it in a future comment.