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Monday, October 27, 2008

booga schooled

This one comment from one of the better commenters on this blog was so awesome I decided to "reduce, re-use, recycle" by using it as today's post! I know, right? I am so going to heaven now!!!

Without further A., here is its glorious ass:

In response to one "booga," who said that it's unPalin-like to eschew free "yeast rolls" at trough-style family dining establishments, the commenter wrote as follows:

They're counting on you to eat the yeast rolls. Just try not eating the yeast rolls one day and see what happens.

"Are you not yet enjoying those yeast rolls, Mr. or Ms. Booga?"

"Can I tell the chef you're going to be eating the yeast rolls he made for you with his own hands out of love, Mr. or Ms. Booga?"

"Mr. or Ms. Booga, how can we here at Golden Calf get you around a couple or six of these fresh, warm, free yeast rolls today? How can we do that for you the fastest and the bestest? Would it help if the rest of the waitstaff and I all gathered here around your chair and sang and clapped so that everyone in the restaurant could be alerted to the situation, so that everyone could join in encouraging you to fill up on your warm fresh hot delicious gratuitous yeast rolls and quit hitting the buffet roast beef so goddamn hard? Did you somehow miss the four-foot-high neon 'Three Roll Minimum' sign on your way into Golden Calf this evening? Would you like me to call Kevin the Oven Man out here to 'reason' with you, Mr. or Ms. Booga? Because we can make that happen."

Aw, hell yeah, commenter of the gods! Here's hoping we see more of the same sort of golden-baked goodness from you! And thank you, too, booga, for your contribution.


Booga said...

One and a half yeast rools is plenty! Yes, ah indeed it's plenty--

And best to dip them in mashed potatoes.

It's been a long time since i've been to a buffet, chinese or otherwise.
i like buffets because i like to sample. Have they gone out of favor? Are there still multi buffets where you live? Are there a lot of fat people where you live?

Nom, nom, nom! said...

why so curious about where I live booga? Are you a stalker? Do you think if you can sniff out the fat people you'll be on my trail? is that what you think, booga? Maybe... maybe not.

Robin P said...

Geez, Om Nom, ease up on the dude or dudette, willya? I am actually finding booga kinda humorous and refreshingly honest. He/she might just be asking about whether there are buffets where you live.

booga-woogie, where I live is a Southern U.S. only chain called the K&W. It is cafeteria style and features food like an ordinary cook might make at home. There are a number of seafood buffets around here as well, with names like Calabash Seafood, etc. For those who don't know, 'calabash-style seafood' refers to a particular kind of breaded seafood that first was made in southern North Carolina, that is, in the Calabash region. So, yeah, there are lots of buffets in this here beach-touristy neck of the woods.

I, Booga said...

I, Booga, does not need to stalk. Men and women of both sexes and genders find me delightful!

Nom, are you jealous of my calabash? Har!