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Friday, September 12, 2008

We joined the Dance, Dance Revolution Revolution

I went with my friend and we got on these crazy dance pads and tried to move our feet in the way indicated. My friend did well, but it turns out I am "over traditional age" for this exercise modality. Next time I'm going to forget about trying to win and just crank it up to eleven and GO!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, and it didn't help to have the student over-DDR-achiever there giving you and your friend "pointers" on which feet to move. Also, remember that your friend has the at-home version of DDR, so has had nominally more practice.

You'd think that, because DDR is so last Wednesday, the game would have been deserted and possibly even in the alleyway behind the game room. Alas, you and your friend were not so lucky.

Robin P said...

Nom is a heartless fool who dances like Steve Martin's character in the movie "The Jerk".

Anonymous said...

I should just say "DNFTT" and just leave it at that, but I come in defense of Nomx3 -- she dances like a sylph, and a silly game like DDR would merely momentarily obscure her real abilities in its attempts to control them.

You, "robin p," or whatever your name is, would do well to be schooled in some perfectly normal social engagements that would engender more response from the proprietors of various blogs and other dimensions of this internet culture; you sir, or ma'am as the case may be, have not shown yourself to be honorable in the least in your comments on this forum.

Police yourself, "robin p," but be aware that your snarky, aggressive, and inconsiderate comments are not garnering any endearment on the part of this blog's readership.

Robin P said...

Lighten up, anonymous or what ever your name is in comment #3. At least I use my actual name on this erstwhile, sometimes blog. I am joshing with NomX3! BTW, I created this shortened version of Nom, nom, nom! at the Well blog, so I should get royality payments each time it is used. As for this blog's readership, they can fend for themselves, and decide whether they like what they read or not. I don't know who you are, but if you are Nom, ID yourself, say the joke is over and I will be on my merry way. Enought of this lazy 'anonymous' posting stuff.

Nom, nom, nom! said...

Oh my gawd, y'all, please don't kill one another, the "readership" of this thing is three, and one of the three is me. I mean, I haven't activated the counter thingy, so I don't know for SURE, but come on, how is anybody supposed to find it with that asinine title I gave it? "Visitnomnomnom?" PLEASE.

Do give peace a chance: I can't afford friendly fire incidents, here.

Rob, please don't even hint that "the joke" may be "over." (J-Joke? Sniff!) Besides, YOU'RE the one ignoring ME. In fact, you're barely on Well any more. What's up, did you join the merchant marine, or are you posting on different threads? Most recently I've been torturing some poor innocents on the "no sleeves on doctors!" thread. Where are you at?

Michele said...

First of all, Rob, I was the one who first coined "NomX3" (or, "nomx3," alternatively) and while I do not ask for royalties, unlike some, I do require a bit of civil discourse on the blogs I happen to be commenting on. If I had a blog I would not want someone commenting on it to tell me I'm a crummy blogger for not posting on it every day! Or that I'm a crummy dancer.

Okay, enough -- I've said and ate my peas.

But, one last thing -- Will you, Rob, and you, NomX3, please stop accusing me of being one or the other of you when the comment is anonymous? I'd like to think that I have a somewhat distinctive commenting style, enough to warrant not being mistaken for any of the other crazy antics that take place on the comments section of this blog.

Nom, nom, nom! said...

We are alllll the saaaaaame perrrrrsonnnnn bleeeeeeeeee!

Damn it, I failed to do my obligatory 3 hours of cardio today. Now I have to go home and do it. DAMN it!

Hey, how do I make to the counter thing to make the counts of persons that come to here? eh? I am not so webtastic so I is need for help in arenas suchlike? I am talk like balfi on perfect strangers now until you helps me okay? get out of town! ha ha! (u bttr help me out. even tho i rejected all previous offers. i really mean it about balfi and I only saw that show a few times, so not only will i do balfi, I will as you can clearly see do him very badly.) (i also need frootmyoozic, you know what I am talking about do not fail me. Sorry to use strongarm tactics but it's ttly desperate straits tyme hello plus my brain is not getting any fluids they all went to my kankle area)

Robin P said...

Nom, see my comment on your mayonnaise entry, please. And I will try to keep a civil tongue in my head while visiting your blog, for YOU, darling.

Michele, thank you for ID'ing yourself. I was and am JOKING with Nom, get it?!

Boy, you must not have been on very many Web forums if you called what I said here being a troll (DNFTT = Do Not Feed The Troll).

My stuff here is tame compared to things I have written elsewhere, then later regretted writing. I could have powered my house's electricity on my Mom spinning over in her grave!

Except that she was cremated. (-: But I was proud of her because it was at time in the early 70s when almost no Americans got their bodies cremated. God bless her, or for you non-believers, Higher Power, bless her!

Nom, nom, nom! said...

I saw what you said about Juan on my mayo entry! Juan Valdez loves working on my stimulants plantation. Loves it! He will NEVER go with you! Never!

Also, nobody better talk bad about trolls when I'm around. I live to say things I later regret. Trolling is my great task in life.