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*This is a lie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now we wait.

We won't know until the big gala Friday who won, me or Slick. I myself don't care. After I ate the six tacos lengua and the quart of guacamole, I ate a chocolate bar and two garlic knots and I drank a Newcastle and part of a Yuengling tallboy and I started to eat a pizza but then unaccountably I stopped after half a piece. I just didn't seem to want to continue with the project. Weird. Anyway, right now I'm having a nice salad with ginger dressing that I made my ownself with fresh ginger and tahini and then couldn't touch for a whole week because it had soy sauce in it and soy sauce has salt and salt might make me retain water and lose to Slick. After my salad I'm going to have some cold pizza. When the pizza is finished, I will desist with the carbohydrates in an effort to go from bloated stunted highschool girl to robust highschool gir, or maybe even totally ripped highschool girl. But I am not going to throw away perfectly good pizza. I hope that Slick is right now tucking into a plate of fajitas or a cheese souffle or a Boston cream pie, and I hope it is delicious. Now that I am living decently again, all of my animosity is gone. I feel a great fondness for the meringue formidable. He never tried to be no jockey, that's for sure.


Robin P said...

Nomx3!, I sent you a bouquet in a comment for the Well blog 1st anniversary entry. If it weren't for TPP and her open-mindedness, you and I would never have met, or carried on our hot, strange, imaginary romance. I hope you are done with this weight-loss nonsense now. And I am waiting for my 1/3 of 1/3 of $750. I will use the money to power my barnstormer bi-plane so I can visit you again. Your pal, Rob

Nom, nom, nom! said...

Okay, I'll send your share in the form of fruitstuffs. I just bought some guavas and mangos and prickly pear fruit today. You can use them in your next brutal recipe!

Off to go collect my bouquet!

Robin P said...

NomX3!, sorry about the non-post at the Well blog anniversary entry. I don't know why it didn't post, but I was suspicious when it didn't show my comment and say "This comment is awaiting moderation." My comment just disappeared. And the repost of it did so as well. Maybe I really am banned now from Well! Hmmmm... Keep looking, is all I can say.

Heck, I'll sign up under a new name at the NY Times if I have to. It will be the Lil' Abner character name of 'Joe Btfsplk'. See this Wikipedia entry for more info:

Robin P said...

Yeah, Nom, looks like TPP puts my posts into the infinite abyss. I posted under 'Joe Btfsplk' from Dogpatch, Kentucky (setting of the cartoon 'Lil' Abner') and it was put into the awaiting-moderation queque like my other NY Times blog posts. No bouquet for you in that Joe post, which was more of a test-case thingie. Sorry.

I have a knack for pissing people off with my stuff, even when I don't use open profanity, or other no-nos. If I could figure out how to make the skill pay, I'd be rich. I was recently booted from some little dink-sh!t tech forum for the same reason: the owner got pissed off, misunderstood something I posted, then banned me.


I may appeal to the NY Times public editor, but I doubt it would do any good.