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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Green on Green Violence

Okay, so I explained about how to make pesto with kale (actually collards). So then what you do, you have your pesto in the 'fridge and you're using it in omelets and such, and then one day you make

Green on Green Violence
You wash some kale (actually collards) and rip it into random sized pieces and sear it. Then you put it in a dish and you put your pesto on that and some green pepper chunks and some chunks of parmesan. So it's just a MESS of green. Onto that you pour a little more olive oil and maybe some salt and you stir that around.


Economy Nosh
It's true how it costs more per unit of vegetation at the farmers' market than it does per unit of vegetation at the grocery store. It costs astronomically more per unit of cheese-shop parmesan than it costs per shake of dehydrated whey-influenced Dilithium Kristilz(R) or whatever the crap is in the shiny green cardboard cylinder with the yellow plastic shake/pour top. Or maybe it is a red plastic shake/pour top. Anyway, this is all true, about how you pay more for the edible comestible.

However, when you eat nothing but farmers' market fare and snob cheese, you eat far less. So a couple of units of vegetation will last you the week. So you come out better off moneywise. Mmmmhmm, you sure do.

For the past week I have lived on:
home food:

1 bunch chicory
1 bunch some other kind of lettucey ditch weeds
2 bunches collards
4 green peppers
1 can of sardines
about two Tbs feta cheese
eggs, 4+ per day
about 3 cups dry-roasted mixed nuts
4 peaches
various fresh herbs

restaurant food:
1/2 a roast duck
a tilapia, fried hard like they do it at the good Mexican places
roasted vegetables
seared tuna
three oysters

You notice how there's no WHOLE GRAINS in there? That's 'cause I'm not eating them. That's why I'm not hungry. That's why I'm not spending $200/week on food. And that's why I'm going to win.

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