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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coca-Cola: the final chapter

I bought a 24-pack, which I thought I could dispatch no problem, but I'm seeing an issue, here. I have just today and tomorrow, and I have like ten or 12 left. I've already had two today. So far the maximum per day intake has been four. What am I supposed to do with the leftovers? I heard that you can clean the toilet with Coke, but I tried that after a bunch of people brought mixers to a party I had. It's not really very effective. I read somewhere that you can dissolve car paint with it, but then I read somewhere else that that's a myth. Anyway, I don't have any pressing need to dissolve any car paint right now. What do I do with all these frikking Cokes? I guess I could take a small plane up over the Kalahari and throw them out the window, thereby starting cargo cults among the bushmen. Except that all the bushmen have been shoved off the Kalahari. Dang. This is a 100% letdown spiritually. I can't believe I couldn't polish off 24 12-oz cokes in a whole week.

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