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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coca-Cola epilogue and fry rant

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I think I drank five today. My head is kindof killing me a little bit, and I have a backache that I think is related to a the sudden development of a new counterweight situation in the frontal zone. I need to invest in some guywires.

Meanwhile I am completely falling down on the calorie intake front. I ran out of hershey's kisses yesterday and all I had today was a few cups of pasta with butter and a Snickers bar. I meant to hit Krispy Kreme for lunch, but I couldn't get it together; maybe I will do that for a pre-dinner snack. Dinner will be some tubs of movie popcorn. Of course. Like you needed me to spell that out.

Yesterday I had some Sonic meal items. The annoying thing about Sonic is, they play loud rock music so you can't listen to bonehead NPR unless you roll up the windows. Then it's really hot. Are they trying to get me to run the car so I can have the AC on while I await the rollernymph with my burger, fries and shake? Is corporate America not run by money-hongry Connecticut honkies as we've all always expected but in fact run by life forms of Pluto who wish to create an all CO2 atmosphere Earth so that they can raise their CO2-breathing, 50-foot space snails here? Think about it.

Furthermore, here's something: there is one thing these burger places do right and that's fries. Given that they do fries so right and everything else so very very wrong, is it too much to ask that the one fargin' time in like six years I go into one of these hellmouths and order fries they fry them in oil from, like, maybe this month? Instead of oil from before Christmas? Could that happen? No. No, Sonic cannot make that happen.

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