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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

spaghetti sauce, part II: I should've done part II for part I

This isn't going to build, now, there's no arc, because part II is less interesting than part I. I was thinking temporal, "beginning, middle, end," when I should've been thinking emOTional. That's the trouble with this "blogging."

Part II is stewed tomatoes. You just cut up a bunch of tomatoes and cook them for less time than you cooked the tomato paste tomatoes. If you add olive oil and garlic, your stewed tomatoes will have "depth!"

You do the same thing and don't bother to blanch and remove skins, just obliterate in the food processor about an hour or so into the cooking process when they're all amorphous and gooshy. Cook them 'til they look like the stuff in the cans.

I can't wait for part III: part III is going to be a real nail-biter!

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Amy said...

Sigh. At least you have something at your farmer's market these days. Here in northern Utah ours long ago sold the last pumpkin and closed up shop. Nothing grows here now. The other day it was 0 F.

We have been enjoying our oven-dried tomatoes though. And ski season has started. There is that.