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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Porkalogical Congress

According to a highly reputable source, I am in second place, with an 8 pound loss in one week.

It was not my intent to show my hand this early: this is a marathon, not a sprint. I can only hope that my (apparent) jackrabbit start will cause some sensible turtle contestants to panic and try to become hares. A slim chance: they seem an unflappable bunch.

So I'm worried. On the other hand, at the weigh-in I heard some very encouraging talk about "free days."

"This is my free day! I'm going to Moe's!"


Now, today I ate at the poly-Latin place. I had the awesome pork chunks and vapid salad, of which I ate the tomatoes. There is no point in eating that stuff they call lettuce. There's no point ordering salad at the poly-Latin place in the first place: you need to get yucca or plantains or beans. But I'm not tryna lose my edge over no plate of fried Spanish bananas, I tell you what.

Fourth of July I had ribs and ribs plus ribs.

I'm going to make pork stock out of the bones and out of that I'm making kale soup. It's my own recipe that I wrote last night. I may share it if it turns out not to be pizen.

(I frikking hate Moe's.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't think I missed your little fine print "I frikkin' hate Moe's" or somesuch! I saw its ass! And I so totally agree...They're all like on the T and V, "Welcome to Moe's!!!!" and you're all like STFU b/c they're trying to be Applebee's in that fake, "we're in your neighborhood, we're your neighborhood restaurant, we're practically part of your family!" and your all like, "you're in everybody's frikkin' neighborhood, dude," and it's all stupid because they're just like every other Moepplebees and their food is completely retarded but because it's cheap and the atmosphere supposedly "fun" people flock like lemmings. GAAAAAAHHHH!

Nice post, by the way. Pork!