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Friday, January 16, 2009

Focus on root crops, Part III, not wasting beets

Not wasting beets is really hard. Beets are so hard to process.

I made garlick-ey greens out of the stocks and tops and threw them in the fridge in a glass bowl with a plate on top. I finished eating the last of these today. (Greens by themselves often seem too virtuous to deal with: if you scramble them into a lot of butter and eggs they may turn into something you actually want to eat.)

The last bunch of beets I had, the ones that didn't go into the root crop medley, those I broke down and boiled. I have some kind of ancient aversion to boiling: my belief, which may be apocryphal, is that all the goodness goes into the water, which you then throw down the drain. But beets are damn impossible, so I boiled them.

The boiled beets were really good! The skins came off in like two seconds, I cut them into wedges and threw vinegar on top and dill and ate them and they were just fine.

This latest bunch is becoming a problem. They keep a long time, but they don't keep: FOREVER. They're still in the fridge because my plan was to make borscht, but to do that I have to break out the oxtails I'm going to use for stock and I have to get into a whole thing. Meanwhile the tomatoes I bought at the market to go into the borscht are about three times as many tomatoes as I needed and they're going soft. Kitchen panic. Kitchen paniiiiic.


trang panang said...

Plz no oxtails!!

Nom, nom, nom! said...

ha haaaa!

beet girl said...

By the way, I do love beets, beets in a cold salad kinda way... Do you think they are going to serve oxtails in the white house? I think not. But heck-a-roonie, what do I know?

Nom, nom, nom! said...

They ate all kind of president Lincoln food at that lunch they had where Teddy Kennedy fell out. That's all I know. But I bet ol' honest Abe could tuck into some oxtails no problem. HE wasn't proud!

Layla said...

Do you mean beetroot or..?

Beetroot is great in raw juices together with carrots & apples!! (yummy, cure against illness/body temperature/cancer/whatever!)